Street Artist Nick Walker Transforms Victoria Street, London

2 Mar

Globally renowned street artist Nick Walker recently added a touch of his unique street art to Victoria Street, London. Overnight he transformed the walls of Victoria Street into an amazing piece of  art created to celebrate The New Thinker’s Index – a unique, interactive digital experience which aims to challenge the way people think.

Born in Bristol the innovative graffiti artist, known for creations including Le CoranCan and The Morning After, created the final design by drawing on opinions shared with him by the general public via Facebook on what inspires them to think in new ways. He then worked through the night to create something that would inspire busy city workers on their journey into work, whilst complementing the surrounding landscape of skyscrapers, concrete, glass and some of London’s most iconic buildings that are found in the heart of the city.

The final masterpiece ‘Midnight Art’ depicts a 20ft mural of a man with a child on his back, pointing towards a selection of creatively painted representations of what the public communicated to him. The response that sparked Walker’s imagination and provided the foundation of the artwork stated ‘A man should have his feet firmly planted in his own country, but his eyes should survey the world’.

For more information about the New Thinkers Index – please visit

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