A Review of Hello Fresh

15 Apr

Apologies for the lack of posts recently.. I’ve been suffering with a bout of tonsilitis which has left me slightly lethargic. Anyway enough of feeling sorry for myself. I recently had the opportunity to try a lovely new bespoke addition to the London food scene called Hello Fresh. Hello Fresh is a service for time-sensitive Londoners and those of us who would rather avoid the thought of going to the supermarket after a long hard days work. Each week you can choose to be sent a box which will contain all the ingredients and instructions to make 3 or 5 healthy recipes selected by the Hello Fresh team. Now, I have to admit I was a little worried at first because most of the things I cook I’ve learnt from watching my mother or friends and I am usually rubbish at following recipes. However, as you will see most of the recipes are fool-proof and didn’t take much cooking ability to rustle up something tasty.

So on a Tuesday evening at around 8pm I sprinted excitedly to the door to receive my package from Hello Fresh.

My hello Fresh Parcel full of goodies

Inside the box was 3 recipe cards, fresh meat, vegetables, herbs, all individually packaged and ready to cook. Also a lovely little after dinner treat some chocolates from Hotel Chocolat yum yum!

Ready and waiting to cook were 3 recipes: Warm Sweet Potato Salad and Pan fried Tilapia, Chicken fajitas and homemade guacamole and baby asparagus salad with chicken, pea shoots and smoked paprika.

Day 1 – Warm Sweet Potato Salad and Pan fried Tilapia

Being of African descent I ate a lot of tilapia cooked by my mum growing up but this was the first time I had eaten it in a salad so i thought this was an interesting combination to start with.

On the back of each of the cards was a step by step guide to preparing the dish (with pictures) and an ingredients list which only involved reaching into the box to achieve. Easy peasy!

Step 1 – My ingredients: 2 sweet potatoes, Tilapia fillets, lambs lettuce, soft cheese, sunflower seeds and 1 Lemon.

Then I cut, and steamed my sweet potato in a colander over a pan of water until they were soft enough to eat.

After this to make the dressing I segmented a lemon to get the juice, took two teaspoons of the juice  and then mixed it with 50g of the philadelphia , two teaspoons of olive oil and pinch of salt and pepper mixed it all together until it was smooth. I then mixed it gently with the sweet potatoes.

Step 2 – the fish

pan fried Tilapia

To cook the fish I seasoned it with salt and pepper and added it to the to the pan skin down for 3 mins. (Note to self invest in some decent non stick pans). Then I transferred it from stove to the grill on the top shelf and let it cook for another 3 mins.

Then I transferred it back to the stove added a teaspoon of butter to the dish and drizzled lemon juice over it to serve.

To serve I mixed the salad leaves with sweet potato, topped it with the fish and sprinkle over some sunflower leaves.

Warm Sweet Potato Salad and Pan fried Tilapia

The whole dish was really quick and simple to prepare. It also tasted delicious!  I am definitely going to make this dish again in the future.

Day 2 – Chicken Fajitas and Homemade Guacamole

My ingredients ready to cook.

Here I've added chicken, and onion, red peppers, spices a bit of chili.

A delicious and healthy fajita with homemade guacamole.

I’ve made fajitas before using the Ol del Paso ready pack, so I was surprised to see how quick and easy it was to prepare from scratch. Not being a fan of avocado I only ate one with guacamole in it, but it works perfectly without it.

Day 3 –  Baby asparagus Salad with chicken, pea shoots and smoked paprika.

I left this recipe till last as I had tried cooking asparagus before and it hadn’t come out too well. Now I know why asparagus should be steamed not boiled! The chicken salad for me was the easiest out of all the recipes, tasted delicious and it took less than 30 mins to whip up, perfect for when your feeling tired after a long day at work. Since my sister has an allergy to cheese I made her an alternative without it which I think tasted just as nice.

To conclude I really enjoyed the Hello Fresh experience. The meals were easy to make and I liked the idea of pushing myself to make something new, and I now have three recipes that I will definitely try in the future. I think this will end up becoming a popular service for shop shy Londoner’s.

If you would like to find out more information about Hello Fresh please visit http://www.hellofresh.co.uk/

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2 Responses to “A Review of Hello Fresh”

  1. lanky Girl May 21, 2012 at 8:36 am #

    I haven’t heard of Foodybag, bu hanks for the heads up. Will check it out.

  2. Unhappy August 28, 2012 at 10:13 pm #

    Tried hello fresh and they were useless!

    One recipe left out a part of the instructions which they claimed had slipped through the proof readers, the next had ingredients missing and lastly they have mucked up not only our order delivery dates but also how many people they were supplying for. Stay away from this shoddy, unprofessional and expensive company!

    Customer service was dire too

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