A review of Zorita’s Kitchen Spanish Restaurant, London

13 Feb

By Kirsty M

Zoritas Restaurant Broken Wharf

Zorita’s Kitchen, Broken Wharf

I wasn’t sure what to expect when Lanky Girl and I recently went along to Zorita’s Kitchen. Tucked away between Blackfriars and Mansion House, it’s not the easiest restaurant to find, but it proved to be well worth the wait.

Food and wine experts David and Louisa guided  us through a bespoke menu, sampling delicious cooked meats and cheeses from across the Duerto Valley. The ethos of Zorita’s Kitchen is on ‘slow grow’, focusing on the simplicity and high quality of food and wine served in the restaurant, and you can really taste it in the meats and aromatic cheeses.

There’s a real emphasis on quality ingredients, and the cheese is even made at Zorita’s Kitchen’s very own farm, all complemented by wines recommended by staff who really know their stuff.

tosta with brands

tosta with wines

meat platter

meat and cheese platter

Tosta Dehesa – Torta and Salchichón

Tosta Dehesa – Torta and Salchichón

salted caramel ice cream  from Jude’s in Devon

salted caramel ice cream  from Jude’s in Devon

The wines are definitely one of Zorita’s Kitchen’s selling points,  my favourite had to be the Hacienda Zorita Veiga de la Reina Verdejo 2011 (£9.99 plus a 7.50 corkage fee when dining in) which won best white wine in the world 2012 at the Concours Mondial Brussels.  If you fancy yourself to be a wine connoisseur,  Zorita’s also run wine tasting events.

As the area is mainly populated by business people who have little time to spare for lunch and may prefer to dine alone, I’m not sure how the heavy oak tables – designed to encourage a Mediterranean communal dining experience – will be used to best effect. However, with a new restaurant opening in South Kensington soon, I’m sure Zorita’s Kitchen will have scores of families flocking to try a flavour of the Duerto Valley.

For more information about Zorita’s Kitchen please visit: http://www.zoritaskitchen.com/

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