Mastercard Priceless London Night at The Natural History Museum

25 Mar

av_mg_0130_big_nat_lon_2013-MIf you have read any of my previous posts on Mastercard’s Priceless London events you will know that I am quite the fan. Who said owning a credit card was that bad. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to Mastercard Priceless London’s Natural History Museum Cockney themed event. The theme for the night was the Natural History of London. Lead by four of the museum’s specialists we were treated to interesting facts about London and were able to get up close and personal with prehistoric fossils and bones.

When we arrived we were treated to a lovely glass of gin and tonic as well as some mini canapes before being split into teams to start our journey of learning.

On the first stop of tour of the Museum we were given a talk by one of the specialists who explained how the Natural History Museum prepared for WWII. It seems that The NAtural History Museum played a very inmportant role during the war and many of the Museums specialists were employed by the government in the war effort. One interesting fact that we learned was that there used to be a statue of Adam (the first man) on the front of the Museum pre-war but in 1940 a bomb blew off the upper part of the nude statue smashing on to the front steps below. The remainder of the statue was then removed and stored somewhere at the back of the museum for the rest of the war. The crates holding the statue later mysteriously disappeared. However, there is a rumour that the most intimate part of Adam’s anatomy was used as a paperweight by a member of staff at the museum!

A map of where the Natural History Museum's collections where sent to during WWII

A map of where the Natural History Museum’s collections where sent to during WWII

The next part of the tour involved looking at bones from the dinosaur era. Did you know that mammoths used to roam free on trafalgar square?

Prehistoric bones - natural History Museum

Prehistoric bones – natural History Museum

After looking at this we were treated to some lovely small bowls of food and glasses of wine. My favourite was the Mini fish and chips and mushy peas.  Delicious!

Fish and chips

mini Fish and chips – yummy

The third part of the tour we went to visit The Natural History Museum’s Treasure’s Collection. It was here that we were introduced to Guy the Gorilla. London Zoo’s best-loved resident Guy the gorilla has been preserved.  Scientists have learned by studying Guy the effects of keeping endangered animals in captivity. Learning that Guy suffered from arthritis and was unable to interact with the female species made me a little weepy.

Guy the Gorilla

Guy the Gorilla

2013-03-04 22.09.50

Natural History Museum

To finish the evening we were also treated to entertainment from a funky cockney band and were given kazoo’s to sing along. “Oh my old china!”

2013-03-04 20.49.29

To find out more information about Mastercard Priceless London Events visit:

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  1. milex March 26, 2013 at 11:51 pm #

    Amazing sesne of style.

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