A trip to Florence – Day 3 – Visiting the Boboli Gardens

On our third day in Florence we moved to another apartment on the other side of the river to the area of Santo Spirito. The other side of the river is know as the Oltrarno and the name means beyond the Arno. The Santo Spirito area is home to many of Florence’s artists, musicians and antique sellers. It is also where most of the Florentines live. It reminded me a little bit of Shoreditch (before it got too commercial).  Our lovely apartment was owned by a photographer and furnished by a mixture of reclaimed and  modern furniture.

Our Street in Santo Spirito
Our Street in Santo Spirito


After we had settled into the apartment we made our way to the Pitti Palace to visit the Boboli Gardens. The Gardens are situated behind the Pitti Palace, the main seat of the Medici grand dukes of Tuscany.  If you get the chance to visit Florence I recommend you visit the Boboli Gardens but make sure you bring your trainers and be sure to visit later in the day when it is cooler. We made the mistake of going at midday and the heat made it hard work to climb the steep ascent to the top. The view of Florence and gardens was definitely worth the sweat though.

Boboli Gardens
Boboli Gardens
View of the Florentine hills
Neptunes Lake – boboli Gardens


Pitti Palace
The steep descent
A mini maze

In the evening we went for dinner at one of Florence’s most popular and cheapest restaurants Trattoria La Casalinga. It is family run and the food was simple but delicious. I opted for the grilled chicken and mixed salad. It is popular with tourists and locals so if you visit be prepared to wait.

Trattoria Casalinga
My grilled chicken
Mixed salad

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