A night at the Hip Hop Karaoke – The Social – On thursdays


My younger sister who I have to admit is much cooler than I give her credit for, recently introduced me to Hip Hop Karaoke nights at The Social bar/club  in the West End. Last Thursday we went down to check it out. Hip hop karaoke is a night for all lover’s of the hip hop genre. If you ever fancied yourself as a bit of a Nicky Minaj or Tupac Shakur or even Eminem then this the night for you. Hosted by the effervescent and potty mouthed (be prepared for the F word being used a lot!) Bobby Champagne Jr, the night began with us arriving way too early.

We arrived there at 7 and found the place a bit dead, I would advise getting there at 8.30pm in order to secure yourself a seat and table as by the time it started at 9pm the place was rammed. And when I say rammed I mean rammed! Hip Hop Karaoke is based in the basement of The Social so at times it felt like we were a standing in a  bit of a hot box. (towards the back there is more aircon). At the beginning of the night we were invited to sign up and choose from the list of popular Hip hop classics.

Hip Hop Karaoke has a  a firm no booing policy so even if you’re not the best singer/rapper no one is going to tear you down for giving it a try. During the night we were entertained by the likes of Wannabe Eminems, kanye West and Missy Eliot. I was surprised how emotional some people got when they were rapping their favourite songs on stage.  The best part of the night was the lively crowd!. Although I didn’t choose to sing we left the night with big smiles and a new found appreciation for rap artists in general.

Hip Hop Karaoke is every Thursday at The Social from 9pm. Tickets are 5 pounds at the door, 4 pound on guest list. 


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One thought on “A night at the Hip Hop Karaoke – The Social – On thursdays”

  1. I first went to Hip Hop Karaoke years ago and it was the funniest night I’d had in ages. You’re right about it getting rammed though – it’s completely packed out every single week. Great night though.

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