Happy New Year! and Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my new blog! The London Perspective is my personal take on life as a twenty-something in London. I will also be relaunching the lankybutnotmanky blog as a weekly calendar of things to do in London. Hopefully there will be something for everyone.

So what can you expect from reading my “perspective” well just my honest truth! I am also participating in dailypost to encourage myself not to fall of the blogging wagon!

A wise old man I met recently told me that 26 is an age of great change in a women’s life. I SURE hope so! I feel like I am constantly waiting for my life to begin, but I have come to realise that I will only get out what I put in. It is time to make things happen for myself.

Reflections on 2010

  1. Craiglist is not the place to meet men. Although I met some interesting people via this route, most of them fell into one  these categories;  commitment-phobic, sexual deviant, stalker types, think I’m hot but I’m not, secretly married and seeking a fling. (So time to stick to REAL LIFE!)
  2. Spend more time on myself ( hats are not there to cover bad hair sins all the time).
  3. Believe in myself more and stop selling myself short. (conversations starting with “Gosh I can be so lazy… shy…blah blah BORED!)
  4. Money Management – (do I really need another pair of shoes?)
  5. Healthy eating: If you eat ready meals for lunch every day and do no exercise you will eventually get fat. NUFF Said!

Goals for 2011

  1. New year = new job. I have done the same job for four years now and frankly I need a  challenge (and more money) I am hoping that once I finish my course in June I will have something lined up. Part of that means making more effort networking and zoning in on what exactly I want to do.
  2. Leave online dating in 2010. As much as I think online dating is a good way to meet people, It is not the only WAY! So this year I am taking down the match.com profile and every month I will try a new way to meet men. All will be documented here!
  3. We all know that 2011 is going to be a tough year financially so it is time to get my finances in order and pay off that overdraft. Goodbye big spender! Hello Miss Frugality 🙂
  4. Get out more! London is the best city in the world I sincerely believe that and in order to have a perspective I need to be out there seeing it all…
  5. Exercise. I can’t promise to stick to this one but if I can back into walking everywhere that might be a good start.

So there you are my five goals for 2011. I am excited already, hopefully I can stick it out.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Lanky Girl

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