I heard about Rastamouse from a friend’s daughter and at first I thought it was another silly dumbed down children’s programme but actually its quite cleverly done. I know there has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding it but the kids seem to enjoy it and I think the more ethnicities are representing on TV the better. What do you think?

Fashion week dahlings…

So first I have to apologise for the short hiatus. Work, life and university seems to have taken over this week, however I haven’t forgotten my readers (all 5 of you haha!). So short update on what has been going on in Lanky land. Well last weekend I found myself at Vauxhall Fashion Scout for what I thought would be a catwalk show but was actually an exhibition. Still it was interesting and here are some of the designers that I think we will all be talking about next year.

Angela Cassidy AW 2011

Tze Goh

Anja Mlakar

Anna Lee


Daily distraction – Mini Berets

Apologies for the lack of posts this week, Lanky girl has been feeling rather under the weather. Recently I have become a bit obsessed with the style of the 1940s and today I found myself looking online to see if I could find a retro style hat. On my new favourite website Etsy they had these beautiful mini berets. I’ve always loved berets after watching Lauren Bacall in The Big Sleep. Berets suit most people and they always make the wearer look chic and sophisticated.


A gorgeous hat for the races maybe.


Soft and ethereal stand out at that wedding!

Rockabilly chick!


For that wow factor!

If you are feeling kind of creative you could buy a plain beret and decorate it to your liking. McCulloch and Wallis have a vast range of plain berets. Ebay is a also a good place to find ribbons and bows and other gems to make your beret look unique. A nice simple project that is sure to get you compliments when your done. Something like the picture below is very easy to make.

Add a feather and voila tres chic!


Roll on fashion week!

Dear JD – How can you tell if a guy is really married?

Dear JD,

How can you tell if the man you are with is really married? I’ve been seeing this guy for about 3months. Its been a whirlwind of a romance but I’m starting to become suspicious that he is too good to be true. We both work for the same company but he is in the international department so he is travelling a lot. He never answers his phone in the evenings and whenever I ask him what he was doing he says he was with a client. I have never been to his flat as he always suggests we spend time at mine. He also only ever wants to go to the same places in West London. Am I being paranoid? I am wondering what signs I should be looking for?

Read JD’s advice in tomorrow’s post….

Daily Distraction – Bravissimo

This post may seem trivial to anyone who doesn’t understand the perils of having large breasts but I discovered that my favourite shop Bravissimo is finally making bikinis in a 28 back and the cup sizes are running right up to a very generous K up! (no I’m not a K lol!)

In previous years I have had to make do with annoying ill fitted bikinis or one pieces, but this year I can frolic on the beach with the support that I need. Currently the three bikinis are only available in black but hopefully they will extend the range to other colours 🙂


I would recommend Bravissimo to anyone who finds it difficult to find pretty bras in larger sizes. It is a good idea to get yourself measured at least once a year as a well-fitting bra can complete transform the way the clothes fit.




So I have been going on about eating at Hawksmoor for the last few months, but I haven’t had the chance to dine there…until tonight! Tonight I will be going on a carnivorous, culinary adventure. I can’t wait! I will update this post with my review and pictures later.