What is my guy hiding?

So following this weeks dating theme our new love doctor WP will be answering a question that women commonly ask. “Can I trust this guy?”. If you have any dating dilemmas you can email Jdperspective@gmail.com. Questions will be treated anonymously. Also for those of you who think I write this stuff YOU would be very wrong! WP and JD are close guy friends of mine who have kindly decided to share some dating secrets men don’t want you to know! So get you pen and start writing in.

Dear Lanky Girl,

How can you tell if the man you are with is really married? I’ve been seeing this guy for about 3months. Its been a whirlwind of a romance but I’m starting to become suspicious that he is too good to be true. He works for the same company but in their international department so he is travelling a lot. He never answers his phone in the evenings and whenever I ask him what he was doing he says he was with a client. I’ve never been to his flat as he always suggests we spend time at mine. He also only ever wants to go to the same places in West London. Am I being paranoid? I am wondering what signs I should be looking for?


Dear Susannah

No, i do not think you are being paranoid! This guy is obviously hiding something, either that, or he just does not take you seriously at all.

If he works for the same company as you, can you not make some discreet enquiries? or just Google him, it’s amazing what comes up on any of us.

Speak to him and say you want him to cook you dinner for a change (or if he objects you will cook) but it must be at his place. If he doesn’t like the idea find out why? Say to him, it’s very very important to you that you can imagine him at home when you are not together, and anyway, you want to know him inside out and that includes his home life.

Also, ask for his number at home, just for emergencies, and home address, say you want to send him something as a surprise.

Finally, chat to him about his friends, and then say it would be great if you and him could go out with his best friend and girlfriend/wife/partner as a foursome for dinner. Does he look comfortable with this idea? Say you want to see all sides of him, which includes his friends.

Essentially, for anyone dating, if after 3 months of semi-serious dating you haven’t been to his place (and been allowed to drop in at short notice in the future) met some of his friends (or even family) and been able to telephone him at any time of the evening (never trust a guy that says they prefer to just text!) they are hiding something. It doesn’t necessarily mean he is married, but he is definitely holding back in the relationship for some reason.

Resolve your doubts quickly Susannah.


Single in the city…

It’s funny how one week you are thinking how wonderful the single life is (me last week) and then the next you are thinking isn’t it about time you met someone! It’s funny because many of my girlfriends are feeling quite similar so we have decided to do something about it and get meeting some men! A friend who lives outside London said to me over the phone the other day that it was weird that in London people have to come up with new and weird ways to meet others. So true! with over 7 million people you would think it would be easy to meet a bloke in this city. (I blame our tendency to not talk to each other). Anyway it’s not about meeting any guy..its about meeting the “right” guy. After trying internet dating last year I’ve decided to stick to real life as most men online seemed to be cut from the same cloth. The “I don’t have time to date properly so I will go online and find a shag cloth”…sigh… NEXT! Not that I am saying that people haven’t met their future mates online. Just prefer things a little more spontaneous. Anyway before I go off on one, just what are the options for singles in this city we live in? Here I list some ways to meet guys that doesn’t include speed dating!

Take a flirt tour

The tube especially is a goldmine for candy, eye candy that is.. but who is brave or crazy enough to take those eye connections to the next level. Meet Jean Smith a Flirtologist who reckons she can transform you into a flirt expert. “Learn the ʻthree methods of attackʼ, which are three ways to meet anyone, and practice using them at London institutions such as Galleries, and even supermarkets. Catch the sights of London while at the same time learning how to catch the sight of a potential partner”.

For more information and to book a tour visit http://www.flirtology.co.uk/london-flirting-walking-tours

Meddlers Of Honor

So what is a meddler? Well I would describe it as a person who  facilitates introductions with people who have expressed an interest in each other.  Meddlers events happen once a month and are basically a large informal parties where everyone is single and the ratio of men to women is equal. Basically if you see a guy you like you can get one of the Meddlers to help make an introduction. No tacky games just people meeting other people. Beware! tickets sell out quickly.

For more information and to book tickets visit http://www.meddlersofhonour.com/


Citysocialising is a website that people can post meetups and invite others to come along. It is sold primarily as a friendship site but with the sheer volume of events you can choose from there is every chance that you will meet someone nice at one. They often also organise Mass mingles a great place to make new friends. A good site to use  if you just moved to the city and don’t know many people yet.

For more information visit http://london.citysocialising.com/home.html

Mysinglefriend Parties

Basically the way this works is you throw a party with the instructions that everyone who comes must bring a single friend. Simple! Let the sparks fly!

DISCLAIMER! this may fail if all your friends only have female friends!

So will I be trying any of these routes? Well we will have to see as I see myself retreating back to single bliss while uni is so full on….

Hotel Cinemas

So after a five day Hiatus I am back. I have so much to share..lots of new stuff happening in Lanky Land.

Recently I found myself looking online for nicer cinemas to go to when I found out out some of London’s nicest hotels also have screenings on the weekend that you can book into with the addition of a bit of lunch or dinner.  Below I list the best of choices we have in London.

One Aldwych , Covent Garden

One Aldwych is 5 star hotel situated very close to Covent Garden and is popular with theatre goers and tourists alike.

Their Moet At The Movies Cinema deal offers for £38.50:

  • A three course meal at Axis Aldwych restaurant.
  • A glass of Moet Champagne.
  • A film in their luxurious screening room with popcorn.

The films range from Hollywood blockbusters to vintage classics so something to suit most tastes. Dinner is served at 7pm and screenings commence after 9pm on Friday. On Saturday dinner is slightly ealier at 6pm with the film starting at 8pm.

Firmdale Hotels – Weekend Film Club

“The Soho Hotel, Covent Garden Hotel and Charlotte Street Hotel each have their very own luxuriously appointed state-of-the-art screening rooms. They are beautifully designed with deeply comfortable leather seats and provide the very best sound and projection. At the weekend the hotels operate a “Film Club”.

You can choose for Lunch, dinner or afternoon tea followed by a film screening costs £35.00.


The Soho Hotel

Choose from two state of the art screening rooms that accommodate 45 to 100 people. Either way it going to be an intimate experience. Screenings commence on Sunday from 3.30pm.

Films showing from March to April are  Brighton Rock, Hereafter and Never Let Me Go.




The Covent Garden Hotel

Equally luxurious is The Covent Garden hotel screening room which accommodates 45 people. Screenings commence on 8pm on Saturday’s and diners will be able to eat in Brasserie Max, choosing either from Afternoon Tea or a two course meal with a glass of wine.

Films showing from March to April are Never Let me go, Black Swan, True Grit and The Kings Speech on Mother’s Day.




The Charlotte Street Hotel

With great picture and sound quality The Charlotte Street Hotel screening room can accommodate up to 75 people. Dine in the hotel’s restaurant Oscar and choose from afternoon tea or a 3 course lunch or dinner.

Films showing from March to April are Rabbit Hole, The King’s Speech, Morning Glory and Black Swan.

Screenings commence from 5pm on Sundays.




For more informaton and to book visit Firmdate hotels website http://www.firmdale.com



Daily distraction – Empire Of The Sun – We are the people


Don’t you just love it when you discover a new band that you didn’t know. I was sitting with a friend today in a very nice pub in Angel – The Canonbury ( put it on your list of new places to try) when Empire of  The Sun’s track We are the people started playing. Gripped by the catchy beat I asked my friend if she had the iphone app Shazam. Luckily she was able to download it and we found out what it was. Searching for the track on Spotify when I got home I found out that the album came out in 2009! Well I am a bit late discovering them but as the french say J’adore!

If you don’t already know them check out these two amazing songs:

We are the people

Walking on a dream

Daily Distraction – Jessie J

I am a bit late in discovering Jessie J the loud mouthed girl from Redbridge (the area I grew up in 🙂 who is currently  taking the charts by storm. Jessie is another Brits school grad (others being Jamie T and Kate Nash) who started her career in the music industry penning hit tracks for Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars.

Watch her video Price tag below.

Love Machine at Concrete – Shoreditch



Last night I went to Love Machine at Concrete, the bar/club below Pizza East in Shoreditch. I was slightly nervous about what it would be like as it’s been a while since I’ve been out clubbing and often whenever I have been to somewhere new in the past its been filled with teeny boppers. I was nicely surprised to find out that the crowd was a cool mix of suits, teens, twenties, thirties and hipsters. Concrete is by no means a large club but the space works well (get there early if you want to bag a seat). The music on a friday is ashamedly pop but I think this is a good thing as when you are out with a large group of friends it can be difficult to find a place that everyone likes and there was enough chart hits to get everyone dancing. The dance floor didn’t really get going until around 11pm but once it was it was manic. I thought the packets of sweets that were scattered around the room were a nice touch and stopped me from getting hungry 🙂 . The bar had a varied selection of drinks, mixers and beers going for around 5-6 pounds which isn’t bad for Shoreditch. Toilets were very clean too. So the downers, people smashing glasses on the dance floor and nobody sorting it out. So would I recommend going? Definitely! Perfect place to go if you’re looking for a laid back night out after work to let your hair down with friends. Entry is free before 10pm and £5 pounds after.



Music – 8/10

Drinks – 7/10

Atmosphere – 7/10

Toilets – 8/10

Overall – 7.5/10

My daily distraction – Ipad2


The Ipad2 was launched yesterday and will be coming to the UK March 23rd. With a slick new design and faster processing power Apple have managed to exceeded expectations once again. If I had a spare 500 quid I would definitely get one. Alternatively there are rumors T-mobile and Orange will be offering them on 24 month contracts. Watch Steve Jobs presentation below.

My Daily Distraction – Dim Sum


I am a self-confessed dimsum-oholic. In the last few years Dim Sum has taken London by storm. “Dim sum is a Cantonese term for a type of Chinese dish that involves small individual portions of food, usually served in a small steamer basket or on a small plate. Going for dim sum is usually known in Cantonese as going to “drink tea” (yum cha, 飲茶)”. These tasty sweet and savoury treats are seriously addictive and with a variety of types to try you will never get bored. My favourite is har gau. In this video celebrity chef  Gordon Ramsay lifts the lid on what goes in to making Dim sum.

Best places to try Dim sum in London

8 Hanway Place, London, W1T 1HF
Tel: 020 7927 7000

15 Broadwick Street, London, W1F 0DL
Tel: 0870 780 8265

Royal China Club
40-42 Baker Street, London W1U 7AJ
Tel: 020 7486 3898

Shanghai Blues
193-197 High Holborn, WC1V 7BD
Tel: 020 7404 1668

Ping Pong
(various locations around London – see website for details)