Cake Porn!

This is a bit of a gratuitous post that was inspired by my trip down Upper Street stopping by the bakeries and making me think back to all the lovely cakes i’ve eaten recently. The Marscapone Cheese and raspberry cupcake (eaten today) would have to be my favourite! Shout out to Euphorium Bakery and Ottolenghi if you haven’t eaten there you haven’t lived!

Best Of British Tea Party
Cheese scone anyone?
Waving Queen Cake
hmm chocolate....
Ottolenghi's offerings!
Chocolate cream cupcakes made using Hummingbird Bakery Book
Giraffe chocolate and ice cream pancakes
Marscapone cheese and raspberry cupcakes from Euphorium

My Daily Distraction – Beg Bicycles

Those that know me know of my love of retro Style bicycles and I have just discovered a Cambridge company who are making the most beautiful bespoke bicycles..ahhh I am in love!

They say:

Our bicycles are hand-built exclusively for us in Belgium by a bicycle-building family who have been making high quality frames and bicycles by hand since 1946. Combining gorgeous vintage detailing with highest quality components, an elegant Sit Up and BEG style traditionally brazed and lugged upright frame with a Brooks leather saddle, and a whole host of sophisticated features, the only bump in your ride will be choosing whether to go for delicious Persephone Pink, Flirty 30s Green or Toad.

 Heads will turn, hearts will flutter and you’ll be King (or Queen!) of the road.”

Well I can’t disagree the bicycle  below is absolutely beautiful.

For more information visit:

Review – Now Street food

Lanky girl had a very busy week last week, going to lunch with Mr B and going to the lovely city of Bath.

A month ago I was invited by Now Street Food to taste some of their steamed dumplings and other southern chinese treats. Now Street Food is a hit with City workers in the Liverpool Street area, and takes inspiration from southern chinese cooking. Being a discerning Dim Sum Lover and a frequent customer of Ping Pong I was hoping it would live up to its hype. It didn’t disappoint!

First on the tasting menu was Now’s classic dim sum Basket containing; Har Gau Dumpling, Seafood Dumpling and Coriander Dumpling.

This was without a doubt my favourite dish on the menu. Scallops and mouthwatering praws in transluscent little parcels melted in my mouth and made me want for more, more, more! A little bit of chilli sauce and this really hits the spot. All this and only £3.99!

I went on to try Chicken Wonton soup which I thought would taste weird being essentailly doughy balls in soup. However I really loved it! The flavour was subtle and did not overpower the chicken balls which were like a little suprise everytime i bit into one of them. The soup in itself is a meal and will be great for when you feeling a bit under the weather.

What can I say about the sticky rice….I think i could eat these all day! The seafood sticky rice was simply divine, I liked to eat mine by disecting the rice parcel in half and adding a bit of chilli sauce. hmmm YUM!

Now I didn’t love everything..but who does? I just didn’t get the drinks – Mango Mint tea hmm…think i will opt for a smoothie next time.

So what is my verdict? If you are looking for something inexpensive, tasty and filling for lunch then Nowstreetfood is the place to visit. I look forward to more branches opening across London.

For more information and order online visit

We all scream for ice cream!

It’s been an unseasonably hot spring so far… I really hope that it does last but with English weather you really never know. The best thing about hot weather is getting to eat scrumptious ice cream, whether you’re a diehard Cornish fan or have a preference for creamy gelato London has lots of ice cream outlets that will cater to your tastes. Here I outline my favourites.

 S – Natural Luxury Gelato
53 Brewer Street,
W1F 9UJ London
Phone: (020) 7494 3082

I have to admit that Gelato is my favourite type of ice cream. Delicious and rich in flavour gelato is very addictive. I’ve been lucky to go to Italy and eat authentic gelato and the offerings at Scoop are the real deal. A wonderful variety of flavours from Amaretto to Pistachio, you will be spoilt for choice.

Their ice creams are made with fresh whole milk and cream and are apparently only 8% fat. Hows that for a guilt free treat !

For more information visit:


27-29 Swallow Street
City of London,
Greater London
phone: (020) 7287 9506
Freggo is London’s first Argentinian Ice cream bar. Hidden down an alleyway this place is a Soho secret. Freggo puts the cool into ice cream! The interior or Freggo feels much like you are in a cocktail bar minus the alcohol. So what about the Ice creams? Well with flavours like Temptation, cheesecake, irish cream you will feel positively naughty when you are finished.
For more information visit:

City of London
07885 604284
Feeling adventurous? Then try some liquid nitrogen ice cream. The whole thing sounds a bit space age but they do not disappoint. The whole shop is like a lab with goggles and test tubes so you really do feel like you are getting something unique.
Apparently using nitrogen produces velvety smooth and very rich ice cream. Being a small shop they don’t have as much variety but make sure you try Madagascan Vanilla bean or Lemon curd.
For more information visit:

Fortnum & Mason

181 Piccadilly
London W1A 1ER, United Kingdom
0845 300 1707

Ice cream sundaes at Fortnum and Mason are a once in a bloom treat. However it is money well spent. Served in the parlour you are seated by pleasant staff and it all feels very prim and proper. Beware the sundaes are HUGE! On my visit I decided to have one of their special cocktail Banoffee sundaes which contains amaretto. Yes I finished it…. it was simply to delicious to put down. At 15 pounds each it maybe a while before I visit again, but you definitely get what you pay for.

Procrastination and the Royal Wedding!

First I’d like to apologise for not blogging for a whole month, gosh I can’t believe it’s been that long. I guess Uni life just took over, but now I am free and I fully intend to get back on what is going on in LONDON BABY! So we all know that the Royal Wedding is taking place next weekend….

AND some of you are probably sick of hearing about it! So some of us will be leaving London this Bank Holiday but for those of you who are staying around, great weather! So its time to sample all the great things we have in this city. Which will be my next post of course. For now I leave you with T-mobile’s video for the Royal wedding. Time for a good chuckle.