You have been Androidifed!

“Get Androidified!

Androidify, available free from Android Market, lets you take the little green Android, and turn it into yourself, your friends, your family, anyone! Just like the Android platform is open, the Android robot can now be freely customized.”

I have been addicted to this app creating androids of myself, work people and friends and having hours of fun. Unfortunately only able to use if you have an android phone. Sorry iphone peeps this is one app you will be jealous of hehe.

Here are some of my creations.

Miss Lanky
Japanese loving colleague
kooky Boss lady
My cardigan loving assistant

Commitment Phobic guys – the love doctor gives his verdict!

Dear WP,

 How can I stop attracting commitment phobic men! It’s been 5 years since I actually had a proper boyfriend and frankly I am fed up with meeting guys who convince me that they really like me only for when I start to push for something a little bit more serious they either decide that they just want to be friends or that “they aren’t ready for a relationship”.

I don’t know if it’s me but I can’t seem to keep a man interested long enough to become a boyfriend. Help!


Dear Symone

You say it is 5 years since you last had a proper boyfriend and yet you seem to have been involved in this time with a succession of commitment phobic guys or men you simply cannot keep interested. My first questions to you would be where you are meeting these men? and what attracts you to this particular sort in the first place?

There are guys out there who are totally commitment phobic, but there are also a lot more that want nothing more than to be in a loving and committed relationship with the woman of their dreams.

Maybe you should just relax and not try to be in a relationship so much and just see what comes your way when you date people from a different kind of arena than you are currently prowling. Meet people, including guys, from clubs, associations or groups that interest you, so join some with a friend maybe and meet people you actually have a common interest with already. There are also some good dating websites for people who are just looking for a committed relationship and not a fling.

If you also still meet a guy in a bar or at work that you like then this is fine also, but maybe you shouldn’t try to get him into a relationship. You can’t ‘push’ for a relationship to be more serious, it either is or it isn’t and if it is, a regular guy will want to talk to you about it at some point anyway, with neither party forcing the issue, but rather two people chatting about the exciting possibilities ahead.

Finally, sit yourself down and have a very honest chat with yourself one evening about the guys you have dated over the last 5 years. What is it about them that initially attracted you and why… and what was so different about your last proper boyfriend 5 years ago? because i have a suspicion that there is something in you that likes a certain type, unfortunately one of the traits of this particular type that you like is that they are just not looking for a long term relationship! so shouldn’t be your type in the first place, and yet you seem to think they are.

So, be completely and brutally honest with yourself and say what attracted you to them in the first place and i think then you will see the reason why you keep dating this type… and then it is up to you to change, and maybe look for someone different but better and maybe who has less obvious qualities when you meet them.

Good luck!


Dear WP how can I spot a commitment phobic man?

Today’s question is  fairly common one that comes up when talking to my female friends.  Just how can a girl get a guy to commit? Well hopefully our love doctor can give us insight into why some men come on strong before running away. If you have any questions for our resident love doctor WP you can email them at all questions will be posted on the blog but names will remain anonymous.

Dear WP,

 How can I stop attracting commitment phobic men! It’s been 5 years since I actually had a proper boyfriend and frankly I am fed up with meeting guys who convince me that they really like me only for when I start to push for something a little bit more serious they either decide that they just want to be friends or that “they aren’t ready for a relationship”.

I don’t know if it’s me but I can’t seem to keep a man interested long enough to become a boyfriend. Help!


 Our love doctor’s answer will appear in tomorrow’s post however the floor is open for any comments or answers to this dilemma.

Buymywardrobe – and my bargain pair of Louboutins!

some of lovely things that were on offer

This morning I was invited by the lovely people from Buymywardrobe to a bloggers preview of their designer recycling event being held at the Supperclub. Feeling a little bit grumpy I nearly didn’t go but I am so happy I did! For half an hour before the event started we were given the leisure to stroll around looking at all the lovely items that the wardrobe mistresses (women with serious designer addictions) were willing to part ways with. Once it hit 12 the women poured in and it was mayhem! I decided the best thing for me to do was wander around and see if anything interested me. I spotted a very nice Vivienne Westwood choker for £85.00 a pair of Versace earrings for 15 pounds!  Having gone around the room twice I decided to come back to have a second look at the earrings to find they were gone! There is no time for dallying when designer wares are concerned. Starting to tire of the crowds I floated to a corner where I looked down and spotted a pair of Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps in a size 42! Now, if you have larger than average feet you will understand what a pain it can be that designers often stop at a size 7. Now comes the best bit the price…20 pounds! I couldn’t believe it I asked the woman who was selling them are they real? Is that the right price? She said yes and without hesitation I snapped them up. The sole of the shoe is slightly worn so I took them to Christian Louboutin’s shop in Knightsbridge to find out if they can be repaired. They kindly directed me to a cobbler who will fix them for 30 pounds. Needless to say I am a very happy bunny…now i just need to special event to christen these bad boys! Buymywardrobe every recessionista’s secret and now I’ve shared it with you.

Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps, and some lovely freebies from Elizabeth Arden

Daily Distraction – Something Borrowed

So tonight is Orange wednesday night woohoo. My friends and I will be going to see Something Borrowed. Yes it is a chick flick but it is a bit unusal as it is essentially about cheating people.  Based on Emily Griffin’s novel it has my favourite actress in it Ginnfer Godwin and the leading man is smoking.. read my review in the next post.

Watch the trailer below:

This weekend in London

So it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts but there is plenty to do this weekend. Hopefully the weather will hold up. By the way if you have any interesting events you would like me mention please email me at

For Foodies

Real food festival – 5th – 8th May 2011, Earls Court

The Real Food festival returns to London for the 4th year running. For all discerning foodies this a chance for you to sample treats from over 400 producers. There will be live music, workshops, tastings and debates. Also a chance to dine in pop-up restaurant Mrs Paisley’s Lashings.

For more information visit

Brick Lane Curry Festival – This Sunday 8th May  – 15th May 2011

Brick Lane is Mecca for every curry enthusiast. This sunday a myriad of quality curry houses are hosting a day of events, stalls and festive treats to give you anything and everything to get stuck in to if you’re a fan of all things hot. This will be complemented by music and street performances. The event starts at 12pm and carries on till 8pm.

Tea & Coffee Festival – Sun May 8, Southbank Centre Square

Tea and coffee drinkers unite to celebrate their drinking habits. As well as sampling different types of tea and coffee you will able to try tea & coffee based cocktails, tea & coffee flavoured macaroons, churros with mocha sauce, coffee flavoured cheese cakes and more!

For more information visit

For Art Lovers

Collect at Saatchi – Until  May 8, Saatchi Gallery

“COLLECT provides a unique opportunity to view and buy the best contemporary craft from the most prestigious international galleries, all within the stunning setting of the Saatchi Gallery on the King’s Road, London”.

For more information please visit

For Techie types

Digital Shoreditch

“Digital Shoreditch is voice of everything digital that happens in Shoreditch. The festival opens up the debate on the impact and importance of digital technologies across a wide cross section of industries; nurturing and connecting the digital community; providing a platform to build links and share digital best practice, and positioning Shoreditch firmly at the heart of digital innovation. The activity culminates on 3rd-7th May, 2011, where Shoreditch will be transformed into a digital playground with late-night parties, open studios, eye-catching displays, lighting up buildings, gigs, conferences, workshops, real-world interactive installations, and augmented reality games”.

For more information please visit

For Home bodies

Grand Designs Live 2011, Until 8th May 2011, Excel Centre

Looking to do some spring changes to your house or Garden then get on down to the excel centre where over 500 exhi exhibitors covering interiors, gardens, home improvements, self-build, renovations, technology and shopping will be showing all the newest ways to spruse up your pad.

For more information please visit

Tube Etiquette

Today’s post is a guest article written by my friend Kirsty, her witty and funny observations about behaviour on the Tube will make you chuckle…

Commuting on the Tube every day can drive even the politest of people to become incandescent with rage by the innumerable behavioural crimes committed on a daily basis. Given that Londoners spend so much time travelling each day, here are my top tips on Tube etiquette:

1.       Offer your seat

We’ve all been there when a frail person or pregnant woman gets on the train and commuters are already crammed into seats, suffering from post-work fatigue. The golden rule is always offer your seat to those who are more in need of one on the train. Always check though – I’ve seen it happen more than once where larger ladies have been mistaken for expectant mothers and the ensuing ‘take my seat / no, thanks / no, I insist’ debate before the person offering the seat realises their mistake and both parties retreat in a cloud of embarrassment.

2.       Bathe, bathe, bathe…

There’s nothing worse than someone’s armpit in your face when you’re trying to commute to work in peace, but unfortunately the Tube makes every morning journey into a demented game of Twister. As uncomfortable as this is, the journey would be made so much easier if showering was made compulsory before entering the train. As one particularly foul-smelling man on the Central line recently proved, it is possible to kill with body odour at less than twenty paces.

3.       Food for thought

Eating on the Tube is for those who have no dignity. It’s like passing wind in public – just don’t do it.

4.       Quiet please!

People playing their music on their mobile phones at full volume at 8am are always a nightmare. As tempting as it is to say ‘no, I don’t want to listen to your dub step / grime / house remix, please switch it off before I throttle you with your earphones’, it is better to have a quiet word and hope that they get off at the next station without trying to stab you.

5.       TubeCrushed

One of the (few) benefits of commuting on the Tube is that you are more than likely to end up travelling alongside some of the most attractive men and women in the capital.

The invention of TubeCrush – the website where you surreptitiously take photos of the most eye-catching men in your carriage and submit them online – means that no good-looking man in London is safe. Don’t make my mistake of trying to sneakily take a picture of the 6”2 George Clooney lookalike standing across the aisle, especially not when your camera makes a surprisingly loud click as you press the ‘capture’ button. There are no hiding places in a busy carriage when there are several pairs of angry eyes staring at you.

Happy travelling!

Feeling inspired..Camera Obscura

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. I’ve been spending my weekend feeling creative and listening to some happy tunes. During my search for dress ideas I cam across this video teaching you how to make your own bows. After asking my mum for some of her old african fabrics I set about producing a waisted bow belt and a funky headband. I am quite happy with the results. Let me know what you think. The tutorial was very easy to follow and took less than 15 minutes to make. Also came across Camera Obsura’s Song French Navy which I hadn’t heard for a while….Tune!

Some I made earlier:

Waist belt and headband