Ms Marmite Lover Supperclub at Maille Mustard Pop up Restaurant

This post was meant to posted last week …unfortunately things have been a little crazy in lanky land.

Last thursday I was invited to Ms Marmite Lover’s Supperclub at Maille’s Pop Up boutique/restaurant in Spitalfields’ market. Now for those of you who don’t know, Ms Marmite lover aka Kerstin Rodgers is one the pioneers of the supper club revolution that has taken place in London over the last couple of years. Maille Mustard is legendary in France, the company has a history of making the finest condiments for the last 260 years. Take a look here to see their range. We were treated to a four course meal all including the key ingredient MUSTARD! Now, I was slightly nervous of my visit for two reasons: I don’t really eat food with mustard so I wasn’t even sure I liked it much and the thought of sitting around a table with people I didn’t  know terrified me! However my fears were unfounded as Ms Marmite Lover quickly made everyone feel relaxed with funny anecdotes and interesting tales about her food experiences. I got seated next to a lovely girl from More Magazine and food blogger Tuck and Vine.

Now for the menu!


Mustardy Mary

This funky concoction is a twist on Bloody Mary with mustard I found it slightly tangy tasting, couldn’t decide  if I was eating or drinking it.

Next was:

Gravadlax with honey mustard dill sauce on red endive – didn’t manage to get a picture but they did taste amazing!

After that was artichoke, now I had never had artichoke before so I was a little worried that I would embarrass myself trying to eat it. Luckily Kerstin demonstrated the perfect way to eat an artichoke by taking the leaves off and eating the bottom soft bit with a bit of Dijon mustard. You can see by the pictures below the process of eating an artichoke.

 It’s hard to describe the taste of artichoke. Its flavour is nutty and delicate with a texture similar to potato. Apparently they don’t take very long to prepare and but serving these to your diners will definitely impress them!


Our main course and for me the Pièce de résistance was the Smoked haddock with wholegrain and cheese asian mustard greens. This strongly flavoured dish packed a rich mighty punch.


You would think that with the amount of mustard inspired dishes we had we would have been sick of it by now but no, next came a selection of cheeses from the Mons served with palmiers and the best sourdough bread in london from St Johns bakery.

To finish off we had tutti frutti ice cream with mustardo di frutti ( yes unbelievably with mustard!) but absolutely the most divine ice cream I have ever tasted and the mint sugar hmm hmm Amaaazing.

Throughout the meal we were serenaded on the accordion by Tom Baker, and it was easy to forget that this was just a pop restaurant in the middle of Spitalfields market.

To go home Lucky Miss Lanky was given a goodie bag containing Kerstin Rodgers new book. OUT NOW! In it Kerstin shows you how anyone can set up their own supper club and some lovely recipes to try yourself at home.

Click here to buy Miss Marmite Lovers book!


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