Dating A Workaholic – The Love Doctor Answers

Dear Love Doctor,

 So here is my problem. I recently met a lovely guy who I am reluctant to admit I am smitten with. He seems to be a great catch, kind and funny and fit to boot. However, there is the problem that he does seem to be a bit of a workaholic. He is launching a new business which takes up all of his time and he works 7 days a week. He did admit to me that it would be very difficult to make time to see me.What do you think should i really try to date this guy when he doesn’t have time to see me?


Dear Jennifer,

Thanks for your letter, but this really does seem a bit of a no brainer doesn’t it?

You say you are smitten and what a great catch he is… but don’t say how he feels, although his lack of enthusiasm to see you seems a little evident surely, and anyway, how great a catch is a guy that cant make time for you? Not that great in the long term I would suspect.

My advice is simple, sit down with this guy and have a frank conversation with him. He either makes time for you in his busy work/life schedule or you walk away, its as simple as that, as I suspect you are just setting yourself up to get hurt.

However busy he is, if he sees something in you, as you do in him, he will make that time, and that’s proper time, not just a little casual affair time. If he can’t or wont, then you now know how he feels and views you and your potential for the future. Good luck



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