Ping Pong Dim Sum – Christmas Menu Review

Those of you who read my blog regularly will know that I am obsessed with Dim Sum. One of my favourite places to go for Dim Sum is Ping Pong. It’s great menus, fair prices and great cocktail list keeps me coming back. Last week I was invited to sample Ping Pong’s new Christmas menu. Now I know people would say that shouldn’t all branches be the same. Well my favourite Ping Pong Branch has always been the one in Soho with St Paul’s coming close second. After going ice skating  I decided to try their branch in Market Place. Now it pains me to have to admit this but the service that we received on this particular night was not what I was used to from Ping Pong. Firstly I will concentrate on the food as this is most important. Ping Pong offer four different christmas menus from 15 to 35 pounds. I opted for the 20 pounds menu. Which consisted of:

Ping Pong Dim Sum

Sesame seed prawn crackers

These are simply divine, crispy, with black pepper making them moreish. The lovely peanut sauce made a nice accompaniment.

1 mixed game puff

I really did enjoy this. It had a sweet and meaty texture although to be honest i didn’t know what I was eating pheasant.

1 crispy duck spring roll 

Crispy on the outside, lovely tender duck on the inside. 

1 Vietnamese rice paper prawn roll 

Something that I had never seen on the menu before (or noticed). I really liked it and will be definitely trying it on my next visit.

1 Prawn toast with sesame seeds

I always find prawn toast to be a little greasy but this one was okay. 

1 Char sui bun

This surprised me as I didn’t particularly think I liked buns.  I found the sponge to be light and fluffy  and the sweet meaty filling was tasty.

2 Lobster dumplings

This was the only dish I didn’t like and I only ate one, maybe it is the fact that I am not keen on lobster but I found the texture strange and the flavour unpleasant.

1 Seafood dumplingHave to say this and some chilli sauce was simple amaaazing!

1 Har gau – An old favourite of mine and didn’t fail to live up to expectations.
1 Chicken shu mai – One word Perfect!

For dessert forest berries & white chocolate sauce  –

well unfortunately this was sold out so I ordered a chinese chocolate brownie. I only realised the next day that my desert never came! This was the nail in the coffin for the service that we got that day. The restaurant was not busy but girl who served us seemed disinterested and cranky and we had to wait ages after asking for the bill. 

It hasn’t put me off Ping Pong but maybe I will stick to my favourite branches from now on. Overall I think the Ping Pong Christmas menu gives you enough variety to be worth the money. Although I would have liked it if they had included sticky rice as this is one my favourite dim sum.

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