Kerbisher and Malt, Hammersmith, Restaurant Review
Fried Calamari

On Tuesday evening Lanky Girl and Co went to an event hosted by Qype at Kerbisher and Malt a rather cute and contemporary chip shop on Shepherds Bush Road in Hammersmith. Fish and Chips are one of those dishes that everyone tends to have strong opinions about. I went to the event thinking I knew as much as there was to know about fish and chips but came away surprised at how much I didn’t know. Being brought up in East London I can remember enjoying countless trips to our local chip shop Brothers when either of my parents couldn’t be bothered to cook. No other chip shop I have visited has been able to better my childhood chippy until now!

Kerbisher and Malt’s selling point is the fact that the food is stripped down, unadulterated and tasty!

For the environmentally conscious it is helpful to know that:

  • The fish they buy is fresh and bought unfrozen from Billingsgate market from sustainable stock.
  • They make their own batter from scratch and fish is available to buy battered, grilled or covered in matzo meal.
  •  The chips are double fried and the oil they use is recycled into bio fuel. I was particularly impressed when they told us their food was free from preservatives and additives.

On entering the restaurant we were received by founders Nick and Saul who proceeded to give us a history of how they started and what makes their fish and chips so good. We were also were given fried calamari that I’m not embarrassed to say I could not stop eating!

To try we were given Cod, Coley and haddock to try and many of us could not tell the difference much to my chagrin. For someone who doesn’t like batter having the option of grilled fish was perfect. The fish tasted fresh, perfectly cooked and delicious. We also enjoyed chips, fennel salad, homemade baked beans and a glass of sherry.  By the end of the meal I was stuffed and smiling! Kerbisher and Malt definitely deserve the praise that has seen it voted best contemporary chip shop in Britain by Esquire magazine.

Lanky Girl’s verdict?  Easily the best fish and chips I have tasted in a long time. Next time you’re in Hammersmith definitely pay them a visit.

Kerbisher and Malt Menu
Kerbisher and Malt’s Menu
Tasty Double fried chips
Tasty Double fried chips
Coley, haddock and Cod
Coley, haddock and Cod 
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 Kerbisher and Malt

164 Shepherds Bush Road, London W6 7PB

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