Surviving in London As A Student, Ten Cheap and Free Things To Do and Save Money


Having just graduated, I know a thing or two about trying to survive on a limited budget as a student in London. With the cost of living going up its getting tougher and I remember times when I had to choose between going out and paying my council tax. Having less money meant I became very good at sussing out a freebie and getting more bang for my buck and so can you!  Here are my top 10 free and cheap things to do in London as a student. If your not a student there are still some tips that you can use.

  1.  Okay so most of us like to look nice, but did you know apart from going to Primark there are other ways that you can save a pound or two on your shopping splurges. Now most of us are aware of  Secret Sales, Brandalley, Cocosa which are all great discount shopping websites (if not take note) but have you heard about  Unidays? Its just for students and allows you to get a 10-20% discount at many shops from Office to Paul’s Boutique.
  2. Eating out? and want to do it cheaply but don’t want to eat rubbish. You don’t have to only eat at Nando’s, Strada  and Pizza Express! Invest in a tastecard which gives you gives 50% off or 2 for 1 meals at 6600+ restaurants across the UK. Now if your too broke to fork out for a card then sign up for 30 day trial card which is free and then when that expires get another friend to do the same. Ermm …didn’t hear that from me.
  3. Like doing reviews? Have you heard of Qype or Yelp? Well you should definitely check these review sites out for free socials that they put on for members which could involve getting to try a new restaurant or learning a new craft.  Check out my post on visiting Kerbisher and Malt fish n chip shop.
  4. Mastercard Priceless London events are free and exclusive (lots of complimentary  booze and wine) and  they tend to range from after hour openings at Museums like the V&A to the odd intimate concert.
  5. Industry events. If fancy yourself as a future banker or IT professional then these are good for a bit of networking  then you should join a Meetup. Talks put on by companies can prove inciteful about the industry and they usually provide free food and nibbles. Those wanting to work in the City should check out Squaremile Magazine  as they often have free champagne soirees and launch events.
  6. Art buff? then sign up to mailing lists of all the galleries whose art you admire and look out for their opening night receptions. These are often the day before an exhibit opens to the public and there is usually free wine 🙂
  7. Twitter searches. Not a full proof way to find free things to do in London but you can often strike it lucky by searching for terms such as “free London” “event” “invite”.
  8. Cheap theatre tickets? Most theatres have a standby rate selling unsold seats for about 70% discount an hour before the show to personal callers at the box-office with valid student ID. Also the National theatre Entry Pass scheme allows  members to buy tickets to workshops and productions for just £5 pounds.
  9. For those hidden designer gems, try charity shops in upmarket areas as they often have the best cast offs. Try Pimlico, Highgate and Oxford CircusThe Salvation Army store at 9 Princes Street, W1, is one of  my favourites. It’s located just around the corner from the office of Vogue on Hanover Square – Go figure.
  10. Follow me on twitter to keep up with all the freebies I’ll be re-tweeting!


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    1. Yes I allowed Westfield to put a banner on the post as they were promoting special student day, but I do see the irony.

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