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Whip ma hair …cute kids

I know this song has been around for a while now but I came across this video on youtube and had to share it. The kids in it are so cute! makes me want to “whip ma hair”  but I might give myself neck strain so I think I will settle for a bop. Watch it below.


Song for me…

Now I just had to share this will my readers. When I was younger I remember my father used to play a song with my name called Adanma at my birthday parties. The song was so embarrassing. I was trying to find it online. Instead I came across this song which made me smile. (n.b Adanma may be an unusual name in the UK but in Nigeria it is a common girl’s name)

Holiday blues

I’ve got an exam to revise for so this will be a short post today. Many of us will be returning to work tomorrow after a long Christmas break…boohooo so here are a couple of videos to cheer you up. Enjoy!

This one I particularly love, everybody knows people like these two…

Lanky Girl