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Daily Distraction: What To Watch On The Box Tonight

The Wire with the very handsome Idris Alba

So tonight we were going to go to the cinema, however instead  I’ve decided to invite everyone round to mine for a TV catch-up.

There are so many episodes I’ve been dying to watch yet due to a hectic schedule, I quite simply haven’t had the time. I’ve asked each friend to bring a treat along – I’m supplying ice cream so hopefully the others will come armed with popcorn, chocolate and nachos!

We’re going to start off with Hung on HBO UK. My parents bought me the box set of the first series last Christmas and ever since I’ve been dying to know what happens in the next. I recently invested in HBO GO, which allows me to watch missed episodes of my favourite programmes so getting my hands on the right episodes should be a doddle.

Next, I’m going to introduce the gang to the newsroom. Created by Aaron Sorkin, who also wrote Moneyball and The Social Network (two of my favourite films), I had a feeling this would be good – and it didn’t disappoint! The entire show focuses on the main character and network anchor, played by Jeff Daniels and his executive producer Emily Mortimer.

Dev Patel, Olivia Munn and Thomas Sadoski also feature in this series, which makes for a great cast. It combines both their working and social lives and the many obstacles involved in successfully airing a show.

Finally, I’ll think we’ll put the wire on (Idris Alba is dreamy!). I’ve been promising one of my friends he can watch it for ages, he’s taken a liking to my rather ample, HD flat screen television and wants to see what difference it makes to this fantastic series. It’s one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows airing at present and although a cop show, it’s unlike any I’ve seen before.

It’s set in West Baltimore and explores a variety of different plots and ideas. Many of the storylines revolve around drug lords and gangs so it’s definitely one for the guys. Fortunately I like it too and the fifth and final season is the only one we haven’t all seen so there will be no arguments about which episode to watch!

My Daily Distraction – Framed Wall Art, I Love London Print

I have recently decided to start remodeling my room, and it’s been really fun picking out great little accessories.
Okay, so everyone who reads this blog knows that Lanky girl is obsessed with London! So imagine my delight when I
discovered that dotcomgiftshop has a whole collection of gifts for the home dedicated to my favourite topic…London. I found this perfect picture to go on my wall… and yes the 29 bus does to Trafalgar square 🙂 it arrived promptly last week and so far I’ve had many compliments from friends. Now, all I need is to find a London inspired bed spread to go with it.

Soo me!

My Daily Distraction – Pandemonia

On my way to work this morning I picked up a copy of Stylist Magazine in it they mentioned Pandemonia. A living piece of art, Pandemonia is a parody of everything celebrity, of advertising, branding and western idealization of what is a perfect beauty.

On her website she describes herself as “7ft tall personality often seen at exclusive premiers,events and exhibitions.  Post pop, conceptual artist, written about in iD, The Independent and Vogue publications”.

The identity of Pandemonia remains a mystery, where did she come from? Who is she? And why does she carry around that inflatable dog lol.. Still she caught my attention.

If you are lucky enough to be attending LFW look out for her, I think we will be hearing more and more about this mysterious creature.

Have a look at her blog to find out more.

Daily Distraction – Charlotte Olympia Shoes


A girl has a right to love shoes! Charlotte Olympia is the child of Charlotte Dellal. She is a graduate of Cordwainers and the sister to London IT girl and model Alice Dellal. Her designs are inspired by the glamour of the nineteen forties and are popular because unique and eyecatching shapes. These shoes are worth saving those pennies for! Santa?


Charlotte Olympia is a favourite with many celebrities including, Emma Watson, Sarah jessica Parker and Olivia Palermo.



My Daily Distraction – Beg Bicycles

Those that know me know of my love of retro Style bicycles and I have just discovered a Cambridge company who are making the most beautiful bespoke bicycles..ahhh I am in love!

They say:

Our bicycles are hand-built exclusively for us in Belgium by a bicycle-building family who have been making high quality frames and bicycles by hand since 1946. Combining gorgeous vintage detailing with highest quality components, an elegant Sit Up and BEG style traditionally brazed and lugged upright frame with a Brooks leather saddle, and a whole host of sophisticated features, the only bump in your ride will be choosing whether to go for delicious Persephone Pink, Flirty 30s Green or Toad.

 Heads will turn, hearts will flutter and you’ll be King (or Queen!) of the road.”

Well I can’t disagree the bicycle  below is absolutely beautiful.

For more information visit:

My daily distraction – Ipad2

The Ipad2 was launched yesterday and will be coming to the UK March 23rd. With a slick new design and faster processing power Apple have managed to exceeded expectations once again. If I had a spare 500 quid I would definitely get one. Alternatively there are rumors T-mobile and Orange will be offering them on 24 month contracts. Watch Steve Jobs presentation below.

Daily distraction – Mini Berets

Apologies for the lack of posts this week, Lanky girl has been feeling rather under the weather. Recently I have become a bit obsessed with the style of the 1940s and today I found myself looking online to see if I could find a retro style hat. On my new favourite website Etsy they had these beautiful mini berets. I’ve always loved berets after watching Lauren Bacall in The Big Sleep. Berets suit most people and they always make the wearer look chic and sophisticated.


A gorgeous hat for the races maybe.


Soft and ethereal stand out at that wedding!
Rockabilly chick!


For that wow factor!

If you are feeling kind of creative you could buy a plain beret and decorate it to your liking. McCulloch and Wallis have a vast range of plain berets. Ebay is a also a good place to find ribbons and bows and other gems to make your beret look unique. A nice simple project that is sure to get you compliments when your done. Something like the picture below is very easy to make.

Add a feather and voila tres chic!


Roll on fashion week!

Daily Distraction – Bravissimo

This post may seem trivial to anyone who doesn’t understand the perils of having large breasts but I discovered that my favourite shop Bravissimo is finally making bikinis in a 28 back and the cup sizes are running right up to a very generous K up! (no I’m not a K lol!)

In previous years I have had to make do with annoying ill fitted bikinis or one pieces, but this year I can frolic on the beach with the support that I need. Currently the three bikinis are only available in black but hopefully they will extend the range to other colours 🙂


I would recommend Bravissimo to anyone who finds it difficult to find pretty bras in larger sizes. It is a good idea to get yourself measured at least once a year as a well-fitting bra can complete transform the way the clothes fit.


Reminiscing…Trip to Paris

Continuing the holiday theme this week I was looking through my holiday snaps from a couple of years ago when a friend and I spent a lovely weekend in Paris. It was my first trip to the city and for someone who is a self-confessed francophile It lived up to everything that I imagined. It even inspired me to make a very short video advertising Dating direct LOL. Okay I am not going to pretend that I have a career in advertising ahead of me, but it was good fun. I must try to take a quick trip across the channel this year!