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My friends are all getting married and I am…

Scared of getting old. Now I don’t mean being a granny I mean doing all that life changing stuff like getting married and having kids. Before I turned 26 I would have said I was too young to start thinking about such things but recently I feel like I am being bombarded. Take facebook for example, I constantly find that I am reading statuses from friends or people from school announcing engagements and pregnancies. One of best friends got married last year and my cousin who is my age is getting married at the end of the month. Both who I am very happy for. I guess I find it strange because when I was younger I always imagined I wouldn’t have to worry about settling down until I was in my early 30s. The media nowadays is constantly telling us that women should not delay pregnancy till later in their thirties as our fertility starts decreasing from 28. That is only two years away! In the evening standard today:

“BBC presenter Lauren Laverne has criticised the growing number of women who wait to start a family.The BBC 6 Music DJ, 32, said women who delay having a family in their twenties risk missing out on a “sense of completion”.

Lauren got married at 26 and had her first child at 27. Sorry Lauren what works for you doesn’t suit us all. Some women never meet a man to marry until they are in their late thirties so what are you saying women should focus on meeting a man to have kids first before anything else? Coming from a Nigerian background doesn’t help, in Nigeria girls tend to marry as soon as they finish university. So I have relatives saying “Oh you want to get married soon before you become an old maid”. Sorry relatives I am not going to marry just to make you happy. I am going to live my life the way I want to and for me that means experiencing all the opportunities that my mother never had. I live my life by one mantra; taking it one day at a time and as they say in Nigeria  “God’s time is the right time”.


Lanky Girl

Happy New Year! and Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my new blog! The London Perspective is my personal take on life as a twenty-something in London. I will also be relaunching the lankybutnotmanky blog as a weekly calendar of things to do in London. Hopefully there will be something for everyone.

So what can you expect from reading my “perspective” well just my honest truth! I am also participating in dailypost to encourage myself not to fall of the blogging wagon!

A wise old man I met recently told me that 26 is an age of great change in a women’s life. I SURE hope so! I feel like I am constantly waiting for my life to begin, but I have come to realise that I will only get out what I put in. It is time to make things happen for myself.

Reflections on 2010

  1. Craiglist is not the place to meet men. Although I met some interesting people via this route, most of them fell into one  these categories;  commitment-phobic, sexual deviant, stalker types, think I’m hot but I’m not, secretly married and seeking a fling. (So time to stick to REAL LIFE!)
  2. Spend more time on myself ( hats are not there to cover bad hair sins all the time).
  3. Believe in myself more and stop selling myself short. (conversations starting with “Gosh I can be so lazy… shy…blah blah BORED!)
  4. Money Management – (do I really need another pair of shoes?)
  5. Healthy eating: If you eat ready meals for lunch every day and do no exercise you will eventually get fat. NUFF Said!

Goals for 2011

  1. New year = new job. I have done the same job for four years now and frankly I need a  challenge (and more money) I am hoping that once I finish my course in June I will have something lined up. Part of that means making more effort networking and zoning in on what exactly I want to do.
  2. Leave online dating in 2010. As much as I think online dating is a good way to meet people, It is not the only WAY! So this year I am taking down the profile and every month I will try a new way to meet men. All will be documented here!
  3. We all know that 2011 is going to be a tough year financially so it is time to get my finances in order and pay off that overdraft. Goodbye big spender! Hello Miss Frugality 🙂
  4. Get out more! London is the best city in the world I sincerely believe that and in order to have a perspective I need to be out there seeing it all…
  5. Exercise. I can’t promise to stick to this one but if I can back into walking everywhere that might be a good start.

So there you are my five goals for 2011. I am excited already, hopefully I can stick it out.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Lanky Girl