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My Daily distraction.. Nissan Figaro

I’m meant to be reading up on the joys of HTML 5 but it being a saturday night I am finding it very hard to concentrate…. A friend of mine owns a lovely Nissan Figaro which I have had the joy of being given a lift in once and today I found myself pouring over pictures of them on google. So what is a Nissan Figaro? According to wikipedia:

“The Nissan Figaro is a small retro car manufactured by Nissan. The car was originally sold only in Japan. Despite this, the Nissan Figaro has become popular with owners in the UK and Ireland, given the popularity of second-hand Japanese import cars. Its appearance has a resemblance to the 1960s Datsun Fairlady model.”

Manufactured in 1992, apparently there were only 20,000 made so if you are lucky to own one you should feel very individual indeed. One day I hope to own one myself in daring and slightly cheeky pink. Nissan Figaro retails for around £6000 pounds but sometimes bargains can be found on eBay. Take a look for yourself.



Is it too late to ask Santa for a VW Beetle?

Yes I know… I want a VW Beetle but I can’t drive! (the fact I can’t afford one is also a point) but whilst taking a break from revision I spotted the prettiest little one on ebay. Lanky girl is a sucker for daisies, when I finally do get a car I am going to cover it in them. I think its great a car can be an expression of your personality 🙂

And check out the other ways people have used decals to make their car gorgeous I especially like the wheels, that is flower power indeed!