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Novikov Asian Restaurant – Review

If you follow me on Twitter you have probably seen me going on about Novikov a new Asian and Italian restaurant in Mayfair, London. To celebrate my new job Mr WP, The London Perspective’s resident love doctor and I went along to Novikov on Wednesday last week. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Novikov since it opened a few months ago and being a fan of Asian food I just had to check it out. When we arrived at the restaurant we were greeted by some friendly and attractive front of house staff who took our coats and showed us to our table. The Asian restaurant is on the first level and its Italian counterpart is on the lower level. On this particular Wednesday it was obvious we were lucky to get a table.

The low lighting and club like music  gives Novikov an edgy and glamorous feel.  The restaurant is utilitarian in style with wooden benches and simple paper menus. I found the menu to be fairly diverse and had similar offerings that you would find at places like Hakkasan and Nobu. For my starter I opted for Har Gau dim sum and WP went for the warm crispy duck with peking dressing. While we were waiting for our starters we were served a sort of cabbage in chilli sauce which was very tasty. When our starters came I was a little disappointed as the size of the har gau dumplings were small compared to what I have had in other restaurants. Although this was remedied as the har gau tasted delicious easily on the level of what I have eaten at Yauatcha. Being still hungry I pinched some of WP’s duck salad. The salad was also commendable and I enjoyed the sweetness of the pomegranate contrasted with the duck. For the main course I ordered steamed seabass with ginger, spring onion and soy and special char sui fried rice. I have to say that even though the texture of the fish was good I found the taste bland and boring. The rice wasn’t much better as it was overcooked and unexciting. Considering the prices of the dishes on the menu you do expect the dishes to pack some punch. We also had a long wait between the first and second courses. The wine list was at least fairly reasonable for Mayfair and we washed our food down with a nice glass of Sauvignon blanc.

So what is my verdict? Well WP and I both agreed that for the prices you are buying more the atmosphere than the food. My experience of Novikov was mixed, although we enjoyed our starters we were disappointed by the mains so we probably won’t be returning anytime soon. There are just too many other better restaurant offerings in the same price bracket for our tastes.

A meal for two plus one bottle of wine came to £140 pounds.

Har Gau
Har Gau Dim Sum

Warm duck salad
Warm Duck and Peking salad

Steamed seabass in soy

More food adventures..805 Restaurant and Yauatcha

Now I bet your thinking random? Nigerian and Chinese food? Well isn’t London the best place to live 🙂

805 Restaurant – Old Kent Road

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If you’ve always wanted to try authentic Nigerian cuisine then 805 in Old Kent Road is the place to go. The food there is high quality, fresh and tasty. Things to be aware of: Nigerian food is hot and spicy and even though the food is good here it always gets so busy that the service is slow. So you have to go and be willing to wait a bit. Been here many times with my family and the standard is always high.

Yauatcha – Soho

Yauatcha really needs no introduction it is in the top three places to go if you are a bit of dim sum addict. I was lucky enough to go there in October last year. Unfortunately I deleted the pictures of the Dim Sum argh! However, Yauatcha’s desserts are worth noting down for being equally as fabulous, you can even stop by and pick some up for dinner party you are throwing. The service here was quick (they have 2hr turn around), it isn’t cheap either but if you fancy a treat or impressing a date this place won’t fail.

Dim Sum Diner – Review

Lanky Girl was recently invited to try a new addition to the Dim Sum dining scene; Dim Sum Diner in Queensway.
Dim Sum Diner delivers traditional dim sum with a twist using an American dining concept. Finding the restaurant is very easy as it is literally across the road from Queensway station. Upon entering the restaurant we were greeted by friendly staff and we were shown to our table. The owners have chosen to keep the decor of restaurant quite utilitarian with a liberal use of the colour red for the walls which is a positive colour for the Chinese. The menu consisted of 25 different varieties of dim sum and other oriental staples. The prices were reasonable with most dishes being around £3.80. For drinks JD opted for a Tiger Beer and I had a glass of coke. Now onto the food, they had many types of dim sum that I have never tried before and I was keen to get stuck in. We each ordered 3-4 dishes each and finished all of them.

What we ate:
Guinness crab meat dumpling

The name for this dish was a bit misleading, it doesn’t actually taste of guinness. It is just used to give the dish its dark colour. One of their signature dishes the crab meat was succulent and tasty. One dish I will ordered again.

Homemade beef burgers

This dish puts the fun into dim sum! The bread bun was slightly sweet and beef not overly well done. Its the kind of thing you would have eaten when you were younger at children’s parties.

Xo scallop dumpling

Lanky girl loves scallop dumplings, and having tried the same dish in other restaurants I would say that Dim Sum Diners holds its own, a nicely cooked dish.

Coconut bun

I fell in love with this dish, and I definitely could have ordered more if JD had let me. Perfect I think for dessert.

Fish & spinach dumpling

This dish was okay but I was expecting more flavour really.

Baked barbecued pork bun

My favourite dish of the night, sweet meat heaven 🙂

Crispy aromatic duck roll 

A typical chinese dish served in an interesting way. JD’s favourite dish of the night.

Overall I enjoyed my visit to Dim Sum Diner, its American style delivery is fun and fresh and good value for money.

Dim Sum Diner is one restaurant that everyone should try at sometime or another. Its casual dining concept mean that it is perfect for popping in for a quick bite to eat for lunch or for when you are feeling. If you have never tried dim sum before this little restaurant is a nice way to be introduced to the concept.

For more information please visit http://www.dimsumdiner.co.uk/food.htm

Lanky Girl’s meal was complimentry.

Ping Pong Dim Sum – London Restaurant Festival – £10

The London Restaurant Festival is in full swing and Lanky Girl has just discovered that her favourite Dim Sum Restaurant is running a very nice offer indeed. Until the 17th October Ping Pong Dim Sum will be running an exclusive menu allowing you to have 2 courses and drink for 10 pounds. As a dim-sum-oholic I think this is a complete bargain 🙂 Click here to download the voucher.

Review – Now Street food

Lanky girl had a very busy week last week, going to lunch with Mr B and going to the lovely city of Bath.

A month ago I was invited by Now Street Food to taste some of their steamed dumplings and other southern chinese treats. Now Street Food is a hit with City workers in the Liverpool Street area, and takes inspiration from southern chinese cooking. Being a discerning Dim Sum Lover and a frequent customer of Ping Pong I was hoping it would live up to its hype. It didn’t disappoint!

First on the tasting menu was Now’s classic dim sum Basket containing; Har Gau Dumpling, Seafood Dumpling and Coriander Dumpling.

This was without a doubt my favourite dish on the menu. Scallops and mouthwatering praws in transluscent little parcels melted in my mouth and made me want for more, more, more! A little bit of chilli sauce and this really hits the spot. All this and only £3.99!

I went on to try Chicken Wonton soup which I thought would taste weird being essentailly doughy balls in soup. However I really loved it! The flavour was subtle and did not overpower the chicken balls which were like a little suprise everytime i bit into one of them. The soup in itself is a meal and will be great for when you feeling a bit under the weather.

What can I say about the sticky rice….I think i could eat these all day! The seafood sticky rice was simply divine, I liked to eat mine by disecting the rice parcel in half and adding a bit of chilli sauce. hmmm YUM!

Now I didn’t love everything..but who does? I just didn’t get the drinks – Mango Mint tea hmm…think i will opt for a smoothie next time.

So what is my verdict? If you are looking for something inexpensive, tasty and filling for lunch then Nowstreetfood is the place to visit. I look forward to more branches opening across London.

For more information and order online visit http://www.nowstreetfood.com/

My Daily Distraction – Dim Sum


I am a self-confessed dimsum-oholic. In the last few years Dim Sum has taken London by storm. “Dim sum is a Cantonese term for a type of Chinese dish that involves small individual portions of food, usually served in a small steamer basket or on a small plate. Going for dim sum is usually known in Cantonese as going to “drink tea” (yum cha, 飲茶)”. These tasty sweet and savoury treats are seriously addictive and with a variety of types to try you will never get bored. My favourite is har gau. In this video celebrity chef  Gordon Ramsay lifts the lid on what goes in to making Dim sum.

Best places to try Dim sum in London

8 Hanway Place, London, W1T 1HF
Tel: 020 7927 7000

15 Broadwick Street, London, W1F 0DL
Tel: 0870 780 8265

Royal China Club
40-42 Baker Street, London W1U 7AJ
Tel: 020 7486 3898

Shanghai Blues
193-197 High Holborn, WC1V 7BD
Tel: 020 7404 1668

Ping Pong
(various locations around London – see website for details)