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A Night in with NowTV at the W Hotel Penthouse – Leicester Square

The W Hotel Leicester Square

Last week the lovely people at NOWTV invited me and some other bloggers for a girls night of pampering in the penthouse at the W Hotel in Leicester Square. During the night we were given the chance to check out the NOWTV service as well as enjoy a massage and get our nails done by WAH nails. A bit of background on NOWTV for those who are unfamiliar, it is a internet service owned by BSkyB and allows you to access movies, entertainment shows like The Face and sports packages without signing up to Sky itself. All you need is an internet connection. The service is delivered through a small NOWTV box which turns your TV into a smart TV. At the end of the evening we were given a a goody bag with a NOWTV box to try out and some lovely Cowshed goodies. Being a movie buff I couldn’t wait to set it up and I have to say I have been impressed as the range of movies on the Sky Movies package is really good. So far I have watched Lola Versus and Think Like A Man. Check out the pictures below for more details of the night. 

Now Tv can be watched on your ipad too!

Skyfall on NowTV
Skyfall on NowTV
The W Hotel Penhtouse
The W Hotel Penthouse 
The NowTv Salon where I got my nails done and a nice massage.
Bloggers enjoying champs
Bloggers enjoying champs
Nails by the girls of Wah Nails
Nails by the girls of Wah Nails
The W Hotel Penthouse Bedroom
The W Hotel Penthouse Bedroom

Setting up NOWTv at home:

Unpacking the NOWTV Box.
Setting up NOWTV was pretty simple
Time to watch some movies!



Siro-A Multimedia Theatre Experience at Leicester Square Theatre

Last week I had the pleasure of previewing Siro-A technnodelic  performance artists from Sendai – Japan. Having won Mervyn Stutter’s Spirit of the Fringe award in 2011,  Siro-A are now making their London debut. Often described as Japan’s answer to the Blue Man Group, Siro-A perfectly fuse modern technology with mime, breath-taking optical illusions, movement and comedy all set to a pulsating electro beat. Spectacular  entertainment fusing video mapping, laser lights and on stage DJ’s to create entertainment for the next generation.

My favourite part of the performance had to be one of the few speaking parts which relate to the history of cast member Abe Toshinori. Also I was awestruck at the timing during the ball and box sequences. Siro-A’s fusion of digital and street dance is a undoubtedly unique and even if you dislike techno music as much as I do you only have to endure it for an hour anyway.

The experience we had is really difficult to put in to words except to say that you have to see it to understand it for yourself.

For more information please visit: http://www.siro-a.co.uk/

Cinemas: Why They Remain Our Most Popular Hobby

If there’s one family activity that never gets boring, it’s a trip to the cinema. The movies have been a family favourite since the late 19th century, when the earliest silent pictures played to fascinated crowds in Hyde Park. While it has come a long way since then, cinema still holds an affectionate place in all British hearts and here’s a brief look at why.

The numbers

While there have been highs and lows in cinema attendance over the years, there’s always another blockbuster just around the corner to inspire the public’s interest. Many thought the recession would see families stay at home, however in the last decade a very different phenomenon occurred. With the huge popularity of 3D glasses, British crowds have flocked to try out the new cinematic experience that brings films to life in a whole new way.

In 2008 and 2009, 3D films like Avatar and Up, inspired a whole new generation of cinemagoers to return to the big screen. This was supported by the range of hugely popular kids films like Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince and Ice Age II, resulting in the highest cinema attendance in close to three decades.

Today there are approximately 770 Cinemas in the UK, with a total of 3,569 screens, including the popular ODEON Cinemas.

 The cinema today

 The last decade has seen a huge revival in film production, with an emphasis on flicks produced here on home soil. The James Bond franchise has had a massive revival under the first ‘blond Bond’ Daniel Craig who brought a much sleeker, sexier feel to the series than his predecessors. Other big productions have included The King’s Speech and The Iron Lady.

The cinema: a great night out for everyone

Without a doubt, one of the reasons the cinema continues to remain an enduring favourite, is its ability to appeal to people of all ages. There aren’t many activities that work as both a first date idea and a family outing with your parents. Yet British cinema continues to appeal to both.

The cinema is also considerably more affordable than taking an entire family out to dinner. The other big reason that the cinema continues to appeal to everyone are the exciting new experiences it has offers.

Alongside 3D technology, innovative new screens like the ODEON IMAX London cinema are continuing to create cutting edge viewing experiences for a huge range of audiences – cementing cinemas position as our favourite form of entertainment.

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Singin’ In The Rain The Musical at Palace Theatre – Review

Last week Lanky girl  had the pleasure of being invited to watch a performance of Singin’ In The Rain The Musical at the Palace Theatre. This year is the 60th anniversary of the release of the 1952 MGM movie which starred Gene Kelly,  Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor. Singin’ In The Rain has to be one of my favourite Hollywood screen classics, so I was slightly nervous that the stage adaptation would not live up to the hype. However, I am glad to say that the performance was fantastic! Featuring songs by Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed, including Make ‘em Laugh, Good Morning, Moses Supposes and Singin’ in the Rain we found ourselves clapping , dancing and cheering all the way through.  Film and television star Robert Powell excels as studio boss RF Simpson (you may know him as Mark Williams in the BBC’s Holby City) and Adam Cooper was particularly remarkable in his portrayal of the role of Don Lockwood. Fantastic choreography, spectacular costumes and an amazing light display made us feel like were transported back in time. Apparently each performance of Singin’ In The Rain uses 14 tonnes (14,000 litres) of water, pumped from, recycled and pumped back into a 10 ton water tank in the orchestra pit. Little hint if you sitting in the front row prepare to get a little wet.

Singin’ in the Rain will be running until  1 September 2013 at the Palace Theatre. So do yourself a favour and book tickets to see it. You won’t be disappointed!

For more information please visit:    www.singinintherain.co.uk