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Spa Relaunch Night At Citypoint Club

To celebrate the relaunch of their spa, Citypoint Club in Liverpool street is hosting an open spa night. (My sister is a therapist there). It’s a chance to get a taster of the fantastic luxury treatment they are offering at the spa. Check out the leaflet below. All the money will be going to Breast Cancer Care. To book your place please call 020 7920 6200. If you can’t view the Picture see here spaLaunchHTML_Prospects (6).

He had no teeth… Internet Dating Story

I’ve been encouraged by my friends to share this internet dating story. For comedy value I am willing to tell my readers about my date with “mr no teeth”. It all started after I mentioned to a work colleague that I had been single for a number of months. He suggested that I sign up to OK Cupid a free dating site that lots of “young and creative people are using”.  So I thought well I have nothing to lose, why not? The first few days I got lots of  messages from the good, the bad and downright fugly. Actually most were fugly. I was about to delete my profile when I received an interesting message from a guy without a picture. That should have rung alarm bells in my head.

However his first message was very witty, he said he was 35, owned his own business and said he didn’t have a picture on his profile because of the sensitive nature of his work. After a few messages he emailed me a pic. It was small, grainy and I could just make out what he looked like (about average looking) even though the picture wasn’t amazing I thought “well he seems nice I will give him a chance”.

What followed after that was a week of back and forth email ping-pong. We arranged finally to meet  for a cocktail after work one evening. Now, I must admit two things that should have made alarm bells ring in my head. Firstly when he jokingly said he was rubbish in bed and secondly when he wouldn’t send me another picture due to not being “techy minded”. How naive I was! LOL.

So came the date, I was all made up and ready knock him dead. We arranged to meet at Liverpool Street. As I came up the stairs I saw him waiting. Ah the disappointment! He was at least 10 years older than he said and not attractive. We greeted each other and I tried to hide my horror when he opened his mouth to say hi. I noticed to my horror that he had no teeth! I was speechless… Now some people would have walked away at this point but I guess I am just too nice. We proceeded to head to Be at one for some cocktails. Thank God we hadn’t agreed on dinner. For an hour a half he witted on about work and I had on repeat “why doesn’t this dude have any teeth?!! Run! I couldn’t bring myself to ask even though I was dying to know. I think to be honest I was just peeved by the fact he lied about his age too 35…my foot! Anyway, eventually unable to take anymore I feigned tiredness and retreated home.  To be fair he was a really nice person and I kind of felt bad for him. However as my friend pointed out if you are as successful as he claimed to be you can afford to get cosmetic dentistry! If I’ve learned anything from this experience it is always ask for pictures and free dating sites attract some weird people!

P.S The only highlight of this date was the amazing ice cream cocktails we had a Be at one.

The Drift – Bishopsgate – Review

Lanky Girl recently found herself at Liverpool Street’s newest bar The Drift. Located in Bishopsgate The Drift is in the new Heron Tower. Sophisticated and cool the crowd was made up of  city workers and glamorous girls looking to land a banker. I met up with two friends and we headed past the very busy downstairs bar and went upstairs to sit in the restaurant/bar area. The Drift is housed over two levels and is decked in glass with a large array of wines impressively displayed. From the bar you have clear views of Europe’s largest privately owned aquarium. For a Friday night I found the service to be mixed one snooty staff member nearly made me write the place off. However later we had two helpful waiting staff who took our orders and helped us push tables together to accommodate our party. Cocktail prices were around the 8 pounds mark which isn’t unusual for this part of town. The food menu was a mixture of nibbles and mains. I decided to go for the chicken club sandwich with potato and sweet potato wedges. My friends opted for Scampi and chips and a Steak. I guess I pulled the short straw my grilled chicken was cold and my ciabatta was rock hard, inedible! The saving grace for me was my wedges lovely, crispy and sweet! My two other friends really enjoyed their meal though. They said they thought for the standard they got it was a bargain. I would have to go again to really make my mind up about this place. For a bar that hasn’t been open very long it does seem to be very busy so I guess they are doing something right.

For more information visit http://thedriftbar.co.uk/

Lanky Girl’s Verdict – 6.5/10

Review – Now Street food

Lanky girl had a very busy week last week, going to lunch with Mr B and going to the lovely city of Bath.

A month ago I was invited by Now Street Food to taste some of their steamed dumplings and other southern chinese treats. Now Street Food is a hit with City workers in the Liverpool Street area, and takes inspiration from southern chinese cooking. Being a discerning Dim Sum Lover and a frequent customer of Ping Pong I was hoping it would live up to its hype. It didn’t disappoint!

First on the tasting menu was Now’s classic dim sum Basket containing; Har Gau Dumpling, Seafood Dumpling and Coriander Dumpling.

This was without a doubt my favourite dish on the menu. Scallops and mouthwatering praws in transluscent little parcels melted in my mouth and made me want for more, more, more! A little bit of chilli sauce and this really hits the spot. All this and only £3.99!

I went on to try Chicken Wonton soup which I thought would taste weird being essentailly doughy balls in soup. However I really loved it! The flavour was subtle and did not overpower the chicken balls which were like a little suprise everytime i bit into one of them. The soup in itself is a meal and will be great for when you feeling a bit under the weather.

What can I say about the sticky rice….I think i could eat these all day! The seafood sticky rice was simply divine, I liked to eat mine by disecting the rice parcel in half and adding a bit of chilli sauce. hmmm YUM!

Now I didn’t love everything..but who does? I just didn’t get the drinks – Mango Mint tea hmm…think i will opt for a smoothie next time.

So what is my verdict? If you are looking for something inexpensive, tasty and filling for lunch then Nowstreetfood is the place to visit. I look forward to more branches opening across London.

For more information and order online visit http://www.nowstreetfood.com/