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Procrastination and the Royal Wedding!

First I’d like to apologise for not blogging for a whole month, gosh I can’t believe it’s been that long. I guess Uni life just took over, but now I am free and I fully intend to get back on what is going on in LONDON BABY! So we all know that the Royal Wedding is taking place next weekend….

AND some of you are probably sick of hearing about it! So some of us will be leaving London this Bank Holiday but for those of you who are staying around, great weather! So its time to sample all the great things we have in this city. Which will be my next post of course. For now I leave you with T-mobile’s video for the Royal wedding. Time for a good chuckle.

My Daily distraction – Tuscany


It’s around this time of year, when work is busy and I am feeling just that little bit overwhelmed by the amount of uni work I have to do that I let myself start to fantasize about going on holiday. This year I am hoping to go Tuscany. I fell in love with idea after watching Letters to Juliet, which was filmed in parts of Siena, Florence and Livorno. My idyllic holiday would consist of cycling through the lush green countryside, visiting the amazing food markets, wine tasting at one of Tuscany’s many vineyards and coming home in the evening to my little farmhouse rental with a pool to relax with a glass of Chianti. The best time to visit Tuscany is in the quieter part of the season, from April to June and from September to October when weather is usually good, prices lower and there are “fewer” tourists. The nearest airport is Pisa.

Letters to Juliet trailer

See for yourself…

My Daily distraction.. Nissan Figaro

I’m meant to be reading up on the joys of HTML 5 but it being a saturday night I am finding it very hard to concentrate…. A friend of mine owns a lovely Nissan Figaro which I have had the joy of being given a lift in once and today I found myself pouring over pictures of them on google. So what is a Nissan Figaro? According to wikipedia:

“The Nissan Figaro is a small retro car manufactured by Nissan. The car was originally sold only in Japan. Despite this, the Nissan Figaro has become popular with owners in the UK and Ireland, given the popularity of second-hand Japanese import cars. Its appearance has a resemblance to the 1960s Datsun Fairlady model.”

Manufactured in 1992, apparently there were only 20,000 made so if you are lucky to own one you should feel very individual indeed. One day I hope to own one myself in daring and slightly cheeky pink. Nissan Figaro retails for around £6000 pounds but sometimes bargains can be found on eBay. Take a look for yourself.



My Daily Distraction..screw TFL i’m getting a…

Moped! With train fares on the rise and the quality of service being abysmal Lanky girl has been looking for other ways to get to work and save money. Currently I am paying 150 pounds a month for 1-4 travelcard. That is 1800 pounds a year!  My daily commute to work is 10 miles and as much as I like cycling it would kill me to do that on a bicycle every day. Hence how I came up with the idea of a riding a moped to work. My  commute according to google would only take 30 mins and it looks to be a fairly straight route Hurray! During my search for more information I came across the Get on website  a great website for beginners starting out in the world of two wheels. They also offer you a free two-hour session on a motorcycle in which you will be taught how to ride and learn important safety information. I promptly signed myself up and am awaiting contact from one of  their test centres. According to the online calculator I could save myself a lot of money travelling this way.

see below:

Of course while I am waiting to have my first ride on a moped I have been looking and dreaming of what kind of moped I would like to have….

These retro styled mopeds are gorgeous….

in white

Pink and girly..

And of course safety is very important but thankfully lanky girl wouldn’t have to sacrifice style for safety wearing any of these helmets.

For more information visit :http://www.geton.co.uk/

My friends are all getting married and I am…

Scared of getting old. Now I don’t mean being a granny I mean doing all that life changing stuff like getting married and having kids. Before I turned 26 I would have said I was too young to start thinking about such things but recently I feel like I am being bombarded. Take facebook for example, I constantly find that I am reading statuses from friends or people from school announcing engagements and pregnancies. One of best friends got married last year and my cousin who is my age is getting married at the end of the month. Both who I am very happy for. I guess I find it strange because when I was younger I always imagined I wouldn’t have to worry about settling down until I was in my early 30s. The media nowadays is constantly telling us that women should not delay pregnancy till later in their thirties as our fertility starts decreasing from 28. That is only two years away! In the evening standard today:

“BBC presenter Lauren Laverne has criticised the growing number of women who wait to start a family.The BBC 6 Music DJ, 32, said women who delay having a family in their twenties risk missing out on a “sense of completion”.

Lauren got married at 26 and had her first child at 27. Sorry Lauren what works for you doesn’t suit us all. Some women never meet a man to marry until they are in their late thirties so what are you saying women should focus on meeting a man to have kids first before anything else? Coming from a Nigerian background doesn’t help, in Nigeria girls tend to marry as soon as they finish university. So I have relatives saying “Oh you want to get married soon before you become an old maid”. Sorry relatives I am not going to marry just to make you happy. I am going to live my life the way I want to and for me that means experiencing all the opportunities that my mother never had. I live my life by one mantra; taking it one day at a time and as they say in Nigeria  “God’s time is the right time”.


Lanky Girl

Is it too late to ask Santa for a VW Beetle?

Yes I know… I want a VW Beetle but I can’t drive! (the fact I can’t afford one is also a point) but whilst taking a break from revision I spotted the prettiest little one on ebay. Lanky girl is a sucker for daisies, when I finally do get a car I am going to cover it in them. I think its great a car can be an expression of your personality 🙂

And check out the other ways people have used decals to make their car gorgeous I especially like the wheels, that is flower power indeed!

My Daily Obsession!

Dutch Bike

Those that know me, know I have a slight obsessive nature about things I want. Usually what happens is I see something online, obsess about buying it until I actually do or until I get distracted by the something else. For the last week I have had my eye on what I think is complete bargain. A modern dutch bike for £169!
Check out made.com for more details.